venerdì 10 febbraio 2012

GO ON Italia caput mundi: "Abi, nuncia, inquit, "italianis" coelestes ita velle, ut mea Italia caput orbis terrarum sit. "

Tito Livio, in Book I, ch. Sixteenth of his Histories, tells that Romulus, after his death, appeared to Giulio Procolo ordering:

-Go on, announces, - he said - to the Romans that the celestial wish that my Rome is the head of the world -.

The original Latin is:

- Abi, nuncia, inquit, Romanis coelestes ita velle, ut mea Roma caput orbis terrarum sit.

The cover of Time dedicated to our Prime Minister Mario Monti was the clearest signal of triumph and affectionate welcome that the Obama administration had prepared for Monti.

We can put Monti as Romulus and Obama as the god of the world, so we can write

Abi, complaint, inquit, "italianis" Nouvelle coelestes ita ut mea Italy caput orbis terrarum sit.

As an Italian I can be happy about this global central Italy, but realistically these many expectations put on Monti worries me.

Sure to have as energetic allied as U.S. to persuade Germany that in Europe the Germany is not only vital.

And 'the model of development that worries me a neo-liberalism with a human face that does not take account of other recipes that those dictated by the market as god who seems to be like the weather with which we can not talk, we acknowledge and suffer.

If the recipes of international politics are these I can not be optimistic.

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